Great Repair tips for your washer


Just like any other mechanical devices, also the washer machines require occasionally service to keep it in good working condition. When the washer malfunctions, many people feel that it is very complicated to figure out the issue. The truth is that there are some problems which can be solved and be fixed by the homeowner. The main problem associated with washers is that the agitator or spinner may stop rotating during the wash cycles. Most of the washer machine problems are easy to troubleshoot. Below are some of the repair tips for you washer that you can use.



Power issues

You may note this issue if after loading the machine with clothes and switching on the power button nothing happens. The first thing to do is checking if the machine has been plugged in properly. Check the breaker box also and flip the breaker switch to see if the power will come back to your appliance. If this fails to work, check the manual to find the fuse. This is because the fuse may have blown due to excess power. If that is the case, you will need to replace it with another one.


Another thing that may lead to power failure is the controls inside the washer. Inside the machine there are several controls and each has its job. Controls that may cause power failure include centrifugal switch, lid switch or the timer motor. Find the location of the controls from the manual to make sure that they are working. Buy a multimeter that measures the electrical current. If the meter fails to pick up the current, then the control should be replaced or cleaned if it is dirty. Always ensure that the washer is unplugged before opening it to avoid electric shocks.


No water

Lack of adequate water is also another problem. You need to check the water supply valves if they are okay. They are actually located behind the washer. A hose pipe connects the valve and the machine. Turn on the valves and ensure that there are no kinks available in the hose pipes running from the valves.


A malfunctioning control can also lead to this problem. If the problem is failing to drain or fill water, the pressure switch might be the cause of the problem. As the water enters into the machine, it fills a certain tube in the switch. Water reaches at a certain level whereby it triggers the switch thereby stopping the machine from filling. Use a multimeter once again and check for signs of damage. If the meter does not read, the solution is to have the pressure switch replaced.


A leaking machine

The washer machine can be leaking. You should check the drain hose and remove anything that may be blocking water thereby causing it to flow backwards. Machine pump can also be cause of a leaking machine. Disconnect the pump and check if there is anything causing blockage. Always remember to first unplug the machine to avoid electric shocks.


The above are simple repair tips for your washer. You can use them and surely they will work out fine for you.

When Do You Call For Dishwasher Repairman?

The use of various types of appliances in every household and commercial establishment has increased the demand of their repairman or repair service provider companies as these appliances usually face breakdowns due to various reasons. Whether you want to repair your stove, microwave oven, dryer or dishwasher you call the repairman according to the type of fault and the necessity of the appliance. In this regard you must know when do you call dishwasher repairman as it is one of the important appliances used in every household or commercial entity.

In order to know when do you call dishwasher repairman you should read out this write up as main problems are discussed in it when you need the services of a dishwasher repairman.

Installation of dishwasher: First of all you need the services of a professional dishwasher repairman while installing your dishwasher in your kitchen. By hiring a professional repairman you need not worry about calling a plumber and an electrician as all of their works are also handled by him. Hiring a professional dishwasher repairman will protect you from various problems in near future as they warranty the installation of your dishwasher.

Improper working of dishwasher: If your dishwasher stops working properly due to any reason including electrical or technical even then you should call a professional dishwasher repairman. But before calling a repairman you should try to find out the reason of its defective working. It can stop working due to various reasons including defect in its wiring, application of child lock or any defect in selector timer or switch etc.

Dishwasher remains wet after finishing the work: If your dishwasher does not dry after finishing the drying cycle then you should check the proper loading of the dishes, blockage of smaller items by larger items or the filling of rinse aid dispenser before calling the dishwasher repairman. If you are unable to detect any fault then you should call him to avoid further damage in your dishwasher

Problem in water supply into the dishwasher: If water is not entering properly into your dishwasher then before calling a professional repairman you should check the supply of household water, overfill protector or float switch of the dishwasher, latch of its door along with valve of the water inlet as they can be one of the causes of improper water supply in your dishwasher. You can all a professional dishwasher repairman if you fail to detect the main cause of the problem.

Noisy dishwasher: If your dishwasher is making loud and strange noises then any defect in its motor, heater fan, pump or water inlet valve can be its main cause. If you have some technical knowledge then you can check these components yourself otherwise you should immediately call the experienced and professional dishwasher repairman to avoid further damage in your appliance.

Thus on the basis of the information provided in this write up you can easily know when do you call dishwasher repairman to install or repair one of the most essential appliances in your home or commercial establishment

8 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Appliance Repairman


Choosing a reliable appliance repairman can become quite challenging. This will particularly affect individuals searching for the service for the first time. The challenges come about due to lack of sufficient knowledge, availability of many service providers, and also intense marketing. Nonetheless the following tips will come handy in finding a reliable firm:


1. Reputation


The first step in finding a good service provider is verifying their credibility. What does the public think about the firm? For how many years have they been in service? What kind of opinions or reviews do they get? Such questions will provide more insight on the reliability of the company.


2. Experience


Quality service and experience go hand in hand. A firm that has been in the scene for many years is more likely to provide better service than a new company. The old company will have learnt the tricks of the trade. Also, it will have an experienced team of repairmen.


3. Registration


Before talking to an appliance repairman, it’s important to find out if he is registered or authorized to do so. A firm that is registered will have fulfilled all the market and industry requirements. Also, you can always take your complaints to a higher or relevant authority.


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4. Certification


Like any other industry, the appliance sector also goes through changes. Technologies become obsolete, customer demands change, and new techniques are invented. The only way to keep up with new developments is by getting certified. A good company will have many employees who have enrolled and passed different certification programs. The company will also be certified in various fields.


5. Range of Service


Home appliances come in all manner of forms, sizes and applications. In fact, they keep increasing as the days go by. In order to save time, cost and energy, an individual will prefer a one-stop centre. The right service firm will have the capacity to deal with a wide range of equipment.


6. Reviews


Individual testimonials and market reviews remain one of the best avenues for locating a reliable appliance repairman. Individuals will express their experience when using a particular company. Survey company and industry pundits will also rate the companies based on service and public perception. Good firms will be backed by reviews which are positive and encouraging.


7. Service Quality


The type of service offered by a repairman or company will determine how well the equipment will serve you. It will also influence the lifespan of the appliance. Good firms always provide top notch service. This will be seen in their customer service, speed of service, response to queries and value addition.


8. Cost


The cost of service is always a major determinant when selecting a service provider. The goal is always to receive unequalled service. However, this should not lead to you breaking the bank. Trustworthy firm will offer competitive prices without sacrificing on quality.


Finding a good and reputable company should not be a daunting task. In fact, with the above factors in mind you will find the going quite easy. Besides providing top notch service, a reliable and experienced appliance repairman will also offer you guarantee on service as well as parts.