Great Repair tips for your washer


Just like any other mechanical devices, also the washer machines require occasionally service to keep it in good working condition. When the washer malfunctions, many people feel that it is very complicated to figure out the issue. The truth is that there are some problems which can be solved and be fixed by the homeowner. The main problem associated with washers is that the agitator or spinner may stop rotating during the wash cycles. Most of the washer machine problems are easy to troubleshoot. Below are some of the repair tips for you washer that you can use.



Power issues

You may note this issue if after loading the machine with clothes and switching on the power button nothing happens. The first thing to do is checking if the machine has been plugged in properly. Check the breaker box also and flip the breaker switch to see if the power will come back to your appliance. If this fails to work, check the manual to find the fuse. This is because the fuse may have blown due to excess power. If that is the case, you will need to replace it with another one.


Another thing that may lead to power failure is the controls inside the washer. Inside the machine there are several controls and each has its job. Controls that may cause power failure include centrifugal switch, lid switch or the timer motor. Find the location of the controls from the manual to make sure that they are working. Buy a multimeter that measures the electrical current. If the meter fails to pick up the current, then the control should be replaced or cleaned if it is dirty. Always ensure that the washer is unplugged before opening it to avoid electric shocks.


No water

Lack of adequate water is also another problem. You need to check the water supply valves if they are okay. They are actually located behind the washer. A hose pipe connects the valve and the machine. Turn on the valves and ensure that there are no kinks available in the hose pipes running from the valves.


A malfunctioning control can also lead to this problem. If the problem is failing to drain or fill water, the pressure switch might be the cause of the problem. As the water enters into the machine, it fills a certain tube in the switch. Water reaches at a certain level whereby it triggers the switch thereby stopping the machine from filling. Use a multimeter once again and check for signs of damage. If the meter does not read, the solution is to have the pressure switch replaced.


A leaking machine

The washer machine can be leaking. You should check the drain hose and remove anything that may be blocking water thereby causing it to flow backwards. Machine pump can also be cause of a leaking machine. Disconnect the pump and check if there is anything causing blockage. Always remember to first unplug the machine to avoid electric shocks.


The above are simple repair tips for your washer. You can use them and surely they will work out fine for you.

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